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Book Chapter at Springer dedicated to 4D-CH-World results


An Springer-Nature LNCS Book is going to be published including the contributions from the Workshops at the EuroMed2016 conference. A special chapter will be dedicated to the results of 4D-CH-World project.


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VISIGRAPP – 12th Internmational Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics theory and Applications

CVICG4CULT 2017, Special Session on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics for Cultural Applications

Cultural Heritage (CH), both tangible and intangible, is a beacon that draws millions every year to cultural heritage sites, museums and libraries, as well as to concert halls, folklore festivals and other festivities. As such, it is both the accumulation of past artistic achievements and the expression of continuing tradition and creativity. It is also a dynamic trigger of economic activities and jobs, reinforcing the social and territorial cohesion. Recent technological advances facilitate digitization, documentation, archival, visualization and re-use of cultural heritage to produce new exciting services and applications...

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FP7-PEOPLE IAPP 4D-CH-WORLD is joining forces with the FP7-PEOPLE ITN-DCH

The FP7-PEOPLE IAPP 4D-CH-WORLD project is joining forces with the  FP7-PEOPLE ITN-DCH team in order to recreate virtually the destroyed objects from the Mosul Museum. The 4D-CH-WORLD project will use latest novel technologies for the 3D reconstruction and modelling of Mosul artefacts from crowdsourcing images available on Internet. Images will be retrieved from the Open Access repositories of FLIKCR and PICASSA as well as the EU digital library Europeana.

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EuroMed initiative on Digital Heritage


It has been decided that in 2017 the EuroMed initiative on Digital Heritage will co-organise together with Stadtarchäologie Vienna, the Vienna conference of Cultural Heritage and New Technologies.

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