Photogrammetric Week


55th Photogrammetric Week in Stuttgart

This regular event was initiated by Carl Pulfrich as a “vacation course in photogrammetry” in 1909; since 1973 it has been held at the University of Stuttgart. Today, the Photogrammetric Week enjoys international recognition as an upgrading seminar and a platform for the exchange of experience.

Since 1992 this event has continuously been further developed and driven to excellence under the auspices of Professor Dieter Fritsch. As he will retire by the end of September 2015 this will be his “Farewell PhoWo”.

The lectures by experts from Germany and abroad will be focused on the following topics:

  • Remotely Sensed Data Acquisition – An Update
  • Advanced Modelling in Photogrammetry, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics
  • Excellence in Geoinformatics


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4D-Ch-World Teaser

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4D Reconstruction of the Past

RSCy : First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment

One of the main characteristics of the Internet era we are living in, is the free and online availability of a huge amount of data. This data is of varied reliability and accuracy and exists in various forms and formats. Often, it is cross-referenced and linked to other data, forming a nexus of text, images, animation and audio enabled by hypertext and, recently, by the Web3.0 standard. Search engines can search text for keywords using algorithms of varied intelligence and with limited success. Searching images is a much more complex and computationally intensive task but some initial steps have already been made in this direction, mainly in face recognition...

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Kick-Off Meeting

Kick off meeting for the 4D CH World project took place in Limassol, Cyprus on 28th of February, 2013. Participants exchanged information about various matters such as financial issues, web site building, and technical capabilities.

The meeting’s agenda included:

  1. Financial planning concerning the expenses as described in the project’s budget.
  2. Nomination of the steering Committee Members in order to ensure smooth interaction among partners.
  3. Initial planning on conference attendance and publications
  4. Arrangements on th3 first year’s secondments and deliverables.

A Technical meeting was arranged for the end of April. The partners will discuss their final positions regarding the data formats, the reconstruction techniques that will be applied, and any other issue of interest...

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